Wednesday, April 4, 2007

(Old Version) Final Project Description

The Museum of Yesterday: Final Project Description

For the proposal of our final group project we have come up with the idea of "The Museum of Yesterday". Essentially what this would be is a "museum" (either we use The Cube or The Cave or install video screens in a room) where we would display a collection of videos, audio, pictures, or text from the previous day recorded by people from around campus. We would like the recorded information to be everyday, beautiful, ephemeral things that people find significant that they wish to record. We would advertise that we want this specific type of information through fliers, info sheets at the actual museum and a website explaining the concept. The website would be purely for explaining the project and uploading data, not viewing the data. This would force people to actually visit the museum and it would be free to everyone even people without access to computers or Internet. Ideally we would like it to be a community of people (in this case UIUC community) who can view this museum and add information to it by uploading their tiny moments of the day which they find significant and then the information would be loaded on to a database and displayed on screens at the museum the next day (hence the name "Museum of Yesterday"). At the end of each day all the recordings will be deleted so it will only ever be displaying recordings from the previous day, nothing before that. In this way the museum will similar to the recordings which are a collection of ephemeral experiences.

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